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Boss Life Mentorship Program For Boutique Bosses

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The Boss Life Mentorship Program was designed to help bosses position their business for success, Grow their brand to the next level, and earn like a boss. Boss Life Mentorship focuses on:
  • Guidance from start to launch with your online business. If you are new and do not have a website, you will need to register for our brand out the box course as well to get guidance with your website building and launching process.
  • Marketing and scaling your business to generate income through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and other marketing platforms.
  • Customer and product focus marketing campaigns planned intentionally to meet customers needs and crush your sales goals for an entire year.  
  • Social Media optimization to grow your social media presence and build a loyal customer base within your niche.
  • Accountability, Mentorship and motivation: This program will provide coaching from Coach Kerr in the form of engagement in our private Facebook group, Live training monthly on Zoom and direct contact for support as scheduled.
  • A strong community of like minded entrepreneurs who work as a team to provide motivation and accountability to keep you in success focus mode. 
  • and much more


Try your first month for $17 USD ONLY

Recurring monthly charge if you choose to cancel will be $59.97 USD

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Boss Life Mentorship Program For Boutique Bosses