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The Ultimate Wellness Discovery Bundle

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Not sure which product is right for you? Want to try them all? Get started on your rich and fulfilled lifestyle with our Discovery Bundle, featuring a variety of health and wellness products for your daily routine. Discover the benefits of each and find the perfect fit for you, whether it's for weight loss, weight gain, vitamin intake, or increased energy. This bundle includes:

  • 1 Packet of Brew Tea (makes 1 week supply)
  • 3 NRG (for your energy and focus)
  • 1 sachet watermelon tea (helps with weight loss, bloating & constipation)
  • 1 Sachet of Tropical Punch (helps with weight loss, bloating & constipation)
  • 1 sachet coffee (same benefits as your regular coffee with the addition of helping with weight loss, bloating & constipation)
  • 1 sachet blue magic (helps with energy for pre-workout)
  • 1 sachet Nutraburst (your daily dose of vitamins and more)
  • 1 sachet Seamoss (nourishes the body)
  • 1 4oz bottle of Tropical Punch Candy Cleanse (detox)
  • 1 4oz bottle of Watermelon Candy Cleanse (detox)
  • 1 4oz bottle of Tamarine Candy Cleanse (detox)

You can learn more about each individual product by clicking here.

Click here to learn how to take our Candy Cleanse.

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The Ultimate Wellness Discovery BundleThe Ultimate Wellness Discovery Bundle

Customer Reviews

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Wow!!!! Is all I can say

Got my 2 orders at the same time just sipped the watermelon and the fruit punch to see what they tasted like. It literally has a taste of a liquefied, jolly rancher so delicious after taking those sips I only took two small sips 24 hours later it was definitely working I will most definitely be putting in my second order very soon, Candy clense is about to have me fine again